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WakeUp pins configuration functions

WakeUp pins configuration functions. More...


void PWR_WakeUpPinCmd (uint32_t PWR_WakeUpPin, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the WakeUp Pin functionality. More...

Detailed Description

WakeUp pins configuration functions.

               ##### WakeUp pin configuration functions #####

  (+) WakeUp pins are used to wakeup the system from Standby mode. These pins are 
      forced in input pull down configuration and are active on rising edges.
  (+) There are three WakeUp pins: WakeUp Pin 1 on PA.00 and WakeUp Pin 2 on PC.13.

Function Documentation

void PWR_WakeUpPinCmd ( uint32_t  PWR_WakeUpPin,
FunctionalState  NewState 

Enables or disables the WakeUp Pin functionality.

PWR_WakeUpPin,:specifies the WakeUpPin. This parameter can be: PWR_WakeUpPin_1 or PWR_WakeUpPin_2.
NewState,:new state of the WakeUp Pin functionality. This parameter can be: ENABLE or DISABLE.
Return values