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FLASH Interface configuration functions

FLASH Interface configuration functions. More...


void FLASH_SetLatency (uint32_t FLASH_Latency)
 Sets the code latency value. More...
void FLASH_PrefetchBufferCmd (FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the Prefetch Buffer. More...
FlagStatus FLASH_GetPrefetchBufferStatus (void)
 Checks whether the FLASH Prefetch Buffer status is set or not. More...

Detailed Description

FLASH Interface configuration functions.

               ##### FLASH Interface configuration functions #####

    [..] FLASH_Interface configuration_Functions, includes the following functions:
       (+) void FLASH_SetLatency(uint32_t FLASH_Latency):
    [..] To correctly read data from Flash memory, the number of wait states (LATENCY) 
     must be correctly programmed according to the frequency of the CPU clock (HCLK) 
        +--------------------------------------------- +
        |  Wait states  |   HCLK clock frequency (MHz) |
        |0WS(1CPU cycle)|       0 < HCLK <= 24         |
        |1WS(2CPU cycle)|       24 < HCLK <= 48        |
       (+) void FLASH_PrefetchBufferCmd(FunctionalState NewState);
     All these functions don't need the unlock sequence.

Function Documentation

FlagStatus FLASH_GetPrefetchBufferStatus ( void  )

Checks whether the FLASH Prefetch Buffer status is set or not.

Return values
FLASHPrefetch Buffer Status (SET or RESET).
void FLASH_PrefetchBufferCmd ( FunctionalState  NewState)

Enables or disables the Prefetch Buffer.

NewState,:new state of the FLASH prefetch buffer. This parameter can be: ENABLE or DISABLE.
Return values
void FLASH_SetLatency ( uint32_t  FLASH_Latency)

Sets the code latency value.

FLASH memory functions that can be executed from FLASH.

FLASH_Latency,:specifies the FLASH Latency value. This parameter can be one of the following values:
  • FLASH_Latency_0: FLASH Zero Latency cycle
  • FLASH_Latency_1: FLASH One Latency cycle
Return values