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GPIO Alternate functions configuration function

GPIO Alternate functions configuration function. More...


void GPIO_PinAFConfig (GPIO_TypeDef *GPIOx, uint16_t GPIO_PinSource, uint8_t GPIO_AF)
 Changes the mapping of the specified pin. More...

Detailed Description

GPIO Alternate functions configuration function.

               GPIO Alternate functions configuration function

Function Documentation

void GPIO_PinAFConfig ( GPIO_TypeDef *  GPIOx,
uint16_t  GPIO_PinSource,
uint8_t  GPIO_AF 

Changes the mapping of the specified pin.

GPIOx,:where x can be (A..I) to select the GPIO peripheral.
GPIO_PinSource,:specifies the pin for the Alternate function. This parameter can be GPIO_PinSourcex where x can be (0..15).
GPIO_AFSelection,:selects the pin to used as Alternate function. This parameter can be one of the following values:
  • GPIO_AF_RTC_50Hz: Connect RTC_50Hz pin to AF0 (default after reset)
  • GPIO_AF_MCO: Connect MCO pin (MCO1 and MCO2) to AF0 (default after reset)
  • GPIO_AF_TAMPER: Connect TAMPER pins (TAMPER_1 and TAMPER_2) to AF0 (default after reset)
  • GPIO_AF_SWJ: Connect SWJ pins (SWD and JTAG)to AF0 (default after reset)
  • GPIO_AF_TRACE: Connect TRACE pins to AF0 (default after reset)
  • GPIO_AF_TIM1: Connect TIM1 pins to AF1
  • GPIO_AF_TIM2: Connect TIM2 pins to AF1
  • GPIO_AF_TIM3: Connect TIM3 pins to AF2
  • GPIO_AF_TIM4: Connect TIM4 pins to AF2
  • GPIO_AF_TIM5: Connect TIM5 pins to AF2
  • GPIO_AF_TIM8: Connect TIM8 pins to AF3
  • GPIO_AF_TIM9: Connect TIM9 pins to AF3
  • GPIO_AF_TIM10: Connect TIM10 pins to AF3
  • GPIO_AF_TIM11: Connect TIM11 pins to AF3
  • GPIO_AF_I2C1: Connect I2C1 pins to AF4
  • GPIO_AF_I2C2: Connect I2C2 pins to AF4
  • GPIO_AF_I2C3: Connect I2C3 pins to AF4
  • GPIO_AF_SPI1: Connect SPI1 pins to AF5
  • GPIO_AF_SPI2: Connect SPI2/I2S2 pins to AF5
  • GPIO_AF_SPI3: Connect SPI3/I2S3 pins to AF6
  • GPIO_AF_I2S3ext: Connect I2S3ext pins to AF7
  • GPIO_AF_USART1: Connect USART1 pins to AF7
  • GPIO_AF_USART2: Connect USART2 pins to AF7
  • GPIO_AF_USART3: Connect USART3 pins to AF7
  • GPIO_AF_UART4: Connect UART4 pins to AF8
  • GPIO_AF_UART5: Connect UART5 pins to AF8
  • GPIO_AF_USART6: Connect USART6 pins to AF8
  • GPIO_AF_CAN1: Connect CAN1 pins to AF9
  • GPIO_AF_CAN2: Connect CAN2 pins to AF9
  • GPIO_AF_TIM12: Connect TIM12 pins to AF9
  • GPIO_AF_TIM13: Connect TIM13 pins to AF9
  • GPIO_AF_TIM14: Connect TIM14 pins to AF9
  • GPIO_AF_OTG_FS: Connect OTG_FS pins to AF10
  • GPIO_AF_OTG_HS: Connect OTG_HS pins to AF10
  • GPIO_AF_ETH: Connect ETHERNET pins to AF11
  • GPIO_AF_FSMC: Connect FSMC pins to AF12
  • GPIO_AF_OTG_HS_FS: Connect OTG HS (configured in FS) pins to AF12
  • GPIO_AF_SDIO: Connect SDIO pins to AF12
  • GPIO_AF_DCMI: Connect DCMI pins to AF13
  • GPIO_AF_EVENTOUT: Connect EVENTOUT pins to AF15
Return values