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CRYP Data processing functions

CRYP Data processing functions. More...


void CRYP_DataIn (uint32_t Data)
 Writes data in the Data Input register (DIN). More...
uint32_t CRYP_DataOut (void)
 Returns the last data entered into the output FIFO. More...

Detailed Description

CRYP Data processing functions.

                      CRYP Data processing functions
  This section provides functions allowing the encryption and decryption 
  - Enter data to be treated in the IN FIFO : using CRYP_DataIn() function.
  - Get the data result from the OUT FIFO : using CRYP_DataOut() function.

Function Documentation

void CRYP_DataIn ( uint32_t  Data)

Writes data in the Data Input register (DIN).

After the DIN register has been read once or several times, the FIFO must be flushed (using CRYP_FIFOFlush() function).
Data,:data to write in Data Input register
Return values
uint32_t CRYP_DataOut ( void  )

Returns the last data entered into the output FIFO.

Return values
Lastdata entered into the output FIFO.