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stm32f37x_syscfg.c File Reference

This file provides firmware functions to manage the following functionalities of the SYSCFG peripheral: More...

#include "stm32f37x_syscfg.h"


#define CFGR1_CLEAR_MASK   ((uint32_t)0x7C000000)


void SYSCFG_DeInit (void)
 Deinitializes the SYSCFG registers to their default reset values. More...
void SYSCFG_MemoryRemapConfig (uint32_t SYSCFG_MemoryRemap)
 Configures the memory mapping at address 0x00000000. More...
void SYSCFG_DMAChannelRemapConfig (uint32_t SYSCFG_DMARemap, FunctionalState NewState)
 Configure the DMA channels remapping. More...
void SYSCFG_I2CFastModePlusConfig (uint32_t SYSCFG_I2CFastModePlus, FunctionalState NewState)
 Configure the I2C fast mode plus driving capability. More...
void SYSCFG_VBATMonitoringCmd (FunctionalState NewState)
 Control the VBAT monitoring. More...
void SYSCFG_ITConfig (uint32_t SYSCFG_IT, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the selected SYSCFG interrupts. More...
void SYSCFG_EXTILineConfig (uint8_t EXTI_PortSourceGPIOx, uint8_t EXTI_PinSourcex)
 Selects the GPIO pin used as EXTI Line. More...
void SYSCFG_BreakConfig (uint32_t SYSCFG_Break)
 Connect the selected parameter to the break input of TIM15/TIM16/TIM17. More...
FlagStatus SYSCFG_GetFlagStatus (uint32_t SYSCFG_Flag)
 Checks whether the specified SYSCFG flag is set or not. More...
void SYSCFG_ClearFlag (uint32_t SYSCFG_Flag)
 Clear the selected SYSCFG flag. More...

Detailed Description

This file provides firmware functions to manage the following functionalities of the SYSCFG peripheral:

MCD Application Team
  • Remapping the memory mapped at 0x00000000
  • Remapping the DMA channels
  • Enabling I2C fast mode plus driving capability for I2C pins
  • Configuring the EXTI lines connection to the GPIO port
  • Configuring the CLASSB requirements
                    ##### How to use this driver #####
              The SYSCFG registers can be accessed only when the SYSCFG 
              interface APB clock is enabled.
              To enable SYSCFG APB clock use:
              RCC_APB2PeriphClockCmd(RCC_APBPeriph_SYSCFG, ENABLE).

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