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IrDA mode functions

IrDA mode functions. More...


void USART_IrDAConfig (USART_TypeDef *USARTx, uint32_t USART_IrDAMode)
 Configures the USART's IrDA interface. More...
void USART_IrDACmd (USART_TypeDef *USARTx, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the USART's IrDA interface. More...

Detailed Description

IrDA mode functions.

                        ##### IrDA mode functions #####
    [..] This subsection provides a set of functions allowing to manage the USART
         IrDA communication.
    [..] IrDA is a half duplex communication protocol. If the Transmitter is busy, 
         any data on the IrDA receive line will be ignored by the IrDA decoder 
         and if the Receiver is busy, data on the TX from the USART to IrDA will 
         not be encoded by IrDA. While receiving data, transmission should be 
         avoided as the data to be transmitted could be corrupted.
    [..] IrDA communication is possible through the following procedure:
         (#) Program the Baud rate, Word length = 8 bits, Stop bits, Parity, 
             Transmitter/Receiver modes and hardware flow control values using 
             the USART_Init() function.
         (#) Configures the IrDA pulse width by configuring the prescaler using  
             the USART_SetPrescaler() function.
         (#) Configures the IrDA  USART_IrDAMode_LowPower or USART_IrDAMode_Normal 
             mode using the USART_IrDAConfig() function.
         (#) Enable the IrDA using the USART_IrDACmd() function.
         (#) Enable the USART using the USART_Cmd() function.         
    (@) A pulse of width less than two and greater than one PSC period(s) may or 
        may not be rejected.
    (@) The receiver set up time should be managed by software. The IrDA physical 
        layer specification specifies a minimum of 10 ms delay between 
        transmission and reception (IrDA is a half duplex protocol).
    (@) In IrDA mode, the following bits must be kept cleared:
        (+@) LINEN, STOP and CLKEN bits in the USART_CR2 register.
        (+@) SCEN and HDSEL bits in the USART_CR3 register.

Function Documentation

void USART_IrDACmd ( USART_TypeDef *  USARTx,
FunctionalState  NewState 

Enables or disables the USART's IrDA interface.

USARTx,:where x can be 1 or 2 or 3 to select the USART peripheral.
NewState,:new state of the IrDA mode. This parameter can be: ENABLE or DISABLE.
Return values
void USART_IrDAConfig ( USART_TypeDef *  USARTx,
uint32_t  USART_IrDAMode 

Configures the USART's IrDA interface.

USARTx,:where x can be 1 or 2 or 3 to select the USART peripheral.
USART_IrDAMode,:specifies the IrDA mode. This parameter can be one of the following values:
  • USART_IrDAMode_LowPower
  • USART_IrDAMode_Normal
Return values