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Shift control synchronisation functions

Shift control synchronisation functions. More...


ErrorStatus RTC_SynchroShiftConfig (uint32_t RTC_ShiftAdd1S, uint32_t RTC_ShiftSubFS)
 Configures the Synchronization Shift Control Settings. More...

Detailed Description

Shift control synchronisation functions.

            ##### Shift control synchronisation functions #####

Function Documentation

ErrorStatus RTC_SynchroShiftConfig ( uint32_t  RTC_ShiftAdd1S,
uint32_t  RTC_ShiftSubFS 

Configures the Synchronization Shift Control Settings.

When REFCKON is set, firmware must not write to Shift control register
RTC_ShiftAdd1S,:Select to add or not 1 second to the time Calendar. This parameter can be one of the following values :
  • RTC_ShiftAdd1S_Set: Add one second to the clock calendar.
  • RTC_ShiftAdd1S_Reset: No effect.
RTC_ShiftSubFS,:Select the number of Second Fractions to Substitute. This parameter can be one any value from 0 to 0x7FFF.
Return values
AnErrorStatus enumeration value:
  • SUCCESS: RTC Shift registers are configured
  • ERROR: RTC Shift registers are not configured