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DMA transfers management functions

DMA transfers management functions. More...


void I2C_DMACmd (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, uint32_t I2C_DMAReq, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the I2C DMA interface. More...

Detailed Description

DMA transfers management functions.

                ##### DMA transfers management functions #####
    [..] This section provides two functions that can be used only in DMA mode.
    [..] In DMA Mode, the I2C communication can be managed by 2 DMA Channel 
         (#) I2C_DMAReq_Tx: specifies the Tx buffer DMA transfer request.
         (#) I2C_DMAReq_Rx: specifies the Rx buffer DMA transfer request.
    [..] In this Mode it is advised to use the following function:
         (+) I2C_DMACmd(I2C_TypeDef* I2Cx, uint32_t I2C_DMAReq, FunctionalState NewState);

Function Documentation

void I2C_DMACmd ( I2C_TypeDef *  I2Cx,
uint32_t  I2C_DMAReq,
FunctionalState  NewState 

Enables or disables the I2C DMA interface.

I2Cx,:where x can be 1 or 2 to select the I2C peripheral.
I2C_DMAReq,:specifies the I2C DMA transfer request to be enabled or disabled. This parameter can be any combination of the following values:
  • I2C_DMAReq_Tx: Tx DMA transfer request
  • I2C_DMAReq_Rx: Rx DMA transfer request
NewState,:new state of the selected I2C DMA transfer request. This parameter can be: ENABLE or DISABLE.
Return values