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I2C registers management functions

I2C registers management functions. More...


uint32_t I2C_ReadRegister (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, uint8_t I2C_Register)
 Reads the specified I2C register and returns its value. More...

Detailed Description

I2C registers management functions.

                ##### I2C registers management functions #####
    [..] This section provides a functions that allow user the management of 
         I2C registers.

Function Documentation

uint32_t I2C_ReadRegister ( I2C_TypeDef *  I2Cx,
uint8_t  I2C_Register 

Reads the specified I2C register and returns its value.

I2Cx,:where x can be 1 or 2 to select the I2C peripheral.
I2C_Register,:specifies the register to read. This parameter can be one of the following values:
  • I2C_Register_CR1: CR1 register.
  • I2C_Register_CR2: CR2 register.
  • I2C_Register_OAR1: OAR1 register.
  • I2C_Register_OAR2: OAR2 register.
  • I2C_Register_TIMINGR: TIMING register.
  • I2C_Register_TIMEOUTR: TIMEOUTR register.
  • I2C_Register_ISR: ISR register.
  • I2C_Register_ICR: ICR register.
  • I2C_Register_PECR: PECR register.
  • I2C_Register_RXDR: RXDR register.
  • I2C_Register_TXDR: TXDR register.
Return values
Thevalue of the read register.