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stm32f2xx_hash.h File Reference

This file contains all the functions prototypes for the HASH firmware library. More...

#include "stm32f2xx.h"

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Data Structures

struct  HASH_InitTypeDef
 HASH Init structure definition. More...
struct  HASH_MsgDigest
 HASH message digest result structure definition. More...
struct  HASH_Context
 HASH context swapping structure definition. More...


#define HASH_AlgoSelection_SHA1   ((uint16_t)0x0000)
#define HASH_AlgoSelection_MD5   ((uint16_t)0x0080)
#define HASH_AlgoMode_HASH   ((uint16_t)0x0000)
#define HASH_AlgoMode_HMAC   ((uint16_t)0x0040)
#define HASH_DataType_32b   ((uint16_t)0x0000)
#define HASH_DataType_16b   ((uint16_t)0x0010)
#define HASH_DataType_8b   ((uint16_t)0x0020)
#define HASH_DataType_1b   ((uint16_t)0x0030)
#define HASH_HMACKeyType_ShortKey   ((uint32_t)0x00000000)
#define HASH_HMACKeyType_LongKey   ((uint32_t)0x00010000)
#define HASH_IT_DINI   ((uint8_t)0x01)
#define HASH_IT_DCI   ((uint8_t)0x02)
#define IS_HASH_IT(IT)   ((((IT) & (uint8_t)0xFC) == 0x00) && ((IT) != 0x00))
#define IS_HASH_GET_IT(IT)   (((IT) == HASH_IT_DINI) || ((IT) == HASH_IT_DCI))
#define HASH_FLAG_DINIS   ((uint16_t)0x0001)
#define HASH_FLAG_DCIS   ((uint16_t)0x0002)
#define HASH_FLAG_DMAS   ((uint16_t)0x0004)
#define HASH_FLAG_BUSY   ((uint16_t)0x0008)
#define HASH_FLAG_DINNE   ((uint16_t)0x1000)


void HASH_DeInit (void)
 Deinitializes the HASH peripheral registers to their default reset values. More...
void HASH_Init (HASH_InitTypeDef *HASH_InitStruct)
 Initializes the HASH peripheral according to the specified parameters in the HASH_InitStruct structure. More...
void HASH_StructInit (HASH_InitTypeDef *HASH_InitStruct)
 Fills each HASH_InitStruct member with its default value. More...
void HASH_Reset (void)
 Resets the HASH processor core, so that the HASH will be ready to compute the message digest of a new message. More...
void HASH_DataIn (uint32_t Data)
 Writes data in the Data Input FIFO. More...
uint8_t HASH_GetInFIFOWordsNbr (void)
 Returns the number of words already pushed into the IN FIFO. More...
void HASH_SetLastWordValidBitsNbr (uint16_t ValidNumber)
 Configure the Number of valid bits in last word of the message. More...
void HASH_StartDigest (void)
 Starts the message padding and calculation of the final message. More...
void HASH_GetDigest (HASH_MsgDigest *HASH_MessageDigest)
 Provides the message digest result. More...
void HASH_SaveContext (HASH_Context *HASH_ContextSave)
 Save the Hash peripheral Context. More...
void HASH_RestoreContext (HASH_Context *HASH_ContextRestore)
 Restore the Hash peripheral Context. More...
void HASH_DMACmd (FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the HASH DMA interface. More...
void HASH_ITConfig (uint8_t HASH_IT, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the specified HASH interrupts. More...
FlagStatus HASH_GetFlagStatus (uint16_t HASH_FLAG)
 Checks whether the specified HASH flag is set or not. More...
void HASH_ClearFlag (uint16_t HASH_FLAG)
 Clears the HASH flags. More...
ITStatus HASH_GetITStatus (uint8_t HASH_IT)
 Checks whether the specified HASH interrupt has occurred or not. More...
void HASH_ClearITPendingBit (uint8_t HASH_IT)
 Clears the HASH interrupt pending bit(s). More...
ErrorStatus HASH_SHA1 (uint8_t *Input, uint32_t Ilen, uint8_t Output[20])
 Compute the HASH SHA1 digest. More...
ErrorStatus HMAC_SHA1 (uint8_t *Key, uint32_t Keylen, uint8_t *Input, uint32_t Ilen, uint8_t Output[20])
 Compute the HMAC SHA1 digest. More...
ErrorStatus HASH_MD5 (uint8_t *Input, uint32_t Ilen, uint8_t Output[16])
 Compute the HASH MD5 digest. More...
ErrorStatus HMAC_MD5 (uint8_t *Key, uint32_t Keylen, uint8_t *Input, uint32_t Ilen, uint8_t Output[16])
 Compute the HMAC MD5 digest. More...

Detailed Description

This file contains all the functions prototypes for the HASH firmware library.

MCD Application Team

© COPYRIGHT 2012 STMicroelectronics

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