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Halfduplex mode function

Half-duplex mode function. More...


void USART_HalfDuplexCmd (USART_TypeDef *USARTx, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the USART's Half Duplex communication. More...

Detailed Description

Half-duplex mode function.

                         Half-duplex mode function

  This subsection provides a set of functions allowing to manage the USART 
  Half-duplex communication.
  The USART can be configured to follow a single-wire half-duplex protocol where 
  the TX and RX lines are internally connected.

  USART Half duplex communication is possible through the following procedure:
     1. Program the Baud rate, Word length, Stop bits, Parity, Mode transmitter 
        or Mode receiver and hardware flow control values using the USART_Init()
     2. Configures the USART address using the USART_SetAddress() function.
     3. Enable the USART using the USART_Cmd() function.
     4. Enable the half duplex mode using USART_HalfDuplexCmd() function.

@note The RX pin is no longer used
@note In Half-duplex mode the following bits must be kept cleared:
        - LINEN and CLKEN bits in the USART_CR2 register.
        - SCEN and IREN bits in the USART_CR3 register.

Function Documentation

void USART_HalfDuplexCmd ( USART_TypeDef *  USARTx,
FunctionalState  NewState 

Enables or disables the USART's Half Duplex communication.

USARTx,:where x can be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 to select the USART or UART peripheral.
NewState,:new state of the USART Communication. This parameter can be: ENABLE or DISABLE.
Return values