STM32F0 Standard Peripheral bibliotheek  1.0
ST Microelectronics standard peripheral bibliotheek documentatie voor de STM32F0 familie
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 Initialization and Configuration functions
 Initialization and Configuration functions.
 Time and Date configuration functions
 Time and Date configuration functions.
 Alarms configuration functions
 Alarms (Alarm A) configuration functions.
 Daylight Saving configuration functions
 Daylight Saving configuration functions.
 Output pin Configuration function
 Output pin Configuration function.
 Digital Calibration configuration functions
 Digital Calibration configuration functions.
 Tampers configuration functions
 Tampers configuration functions.
 Backup Data Registers configuration functions
 Backup Data Registers configuration functions.
 Output Type Config configuration functions
 Output Type Config configuration functions.
 Shift control synchronisation functions
 Shift control synchronisation functions.
 Interrupts and flags management functions
 Interrupts and flags management functions.

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