Digital Signal Processing ELT-3-ESE DSPESE

The DSPESE course is provided for third-year ELT/ESE students, and introduces the students to the principles of digital signal processing.


All information about the course can be found in the download below:

Installation instructions for the software tools on student computers can be found here:

Demonstration versions of the practical work assignments can be downloaded here (Windows/Apple Mac OS X) :

The DSB practical work assignments (also those issued in previous years) can also be viewed here in the web browser. For download and access, see the general instructions.

Solutions to the exercises in the book by Lynn & Fürst

The solutions can be downloaded from

Various documents regarding additional DSB topics that are not covered in the Lynn & Fürst book:


DSPESE is assessed in two written examinations:

  • The first key after the end of block 3
  • The second key after the end of block 4

A good preparation would consist of:

  • Study of the material in the book by Lynn & Fürst.
  • Making the exercises at the end of each required chapter.
  • View and create the sample keys.

The sample exams for DSPESE1 and DSPESE2 (DSB1 and DSB2) can be downloaded here:


A quick peek at what my colleagues are doing: DSP is also taught in the IPS variant of Electrical Engineering. Jeroen Veen has produced a very useful and concise summary of the most important theory in this document: