Digital System Design ELT-2-ESE DSD (DSD/DSO)

The course DSO is provided for second-year ESE students, and focuses on  the principles of the digital system design with CPLDs and FPGAs.

All information about the course can be found in the download below:

Theory lessons

The presentations of the theory lessons can be found here:

Practical work

In the practical work session the Intel MAX10 FPGA is used.

Information regarding the practical work sessions can be found here:

The DSD practicum can also be viewed here in the web browser. For download and access, see the general instructions.


DSD is assessed on the basis of two components:

  1. A theory exam, at the end of the first block in semester 4.
  2. A practicum consisting of 5 + 1 assignments.

A sample exam (in Dutch, but can be translated easily using Google Translate)  can be downloaded here:

Other downloads

Information, manuals and files for the TerAsic DE10-Lite board can be found here:

In the course “Logic Circuits” you’ve had the basis for VHDL programming with Altera Quartus. Have you forgotten these basics? The manual for the course can be downloaded below:

This manual contains all the steps necessary to implement a digital circuit on the TerAsic DE0-CV board. Of course, this knowledge can be applied to the DE10-Lite board as well.