A GUI tool for the Segger J-Link debugger

JLinkProgrammer on Apple OS X


JLinkprogrammer is a GUI tool to facilitate using Segger's excellent J-Link ARM/Renesas RX debugger and programmer on Apple Mac OS and Linux. For non-Windows users, Segger provides a bare-bones command line interface.Although it is functional and useable, it requires typing long init commands every time you want to debug.To make life a little easier, I wrote a GUI wrapper called JLinkProgrammer around Segger's libraries.
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With JLinkProgrammer you can:

Operational use

In order to use JLinkProgrammer, you must own a Segger J-Link. For non-commercial useage, a JLink-EDU will only cost you around EUR 50. Also, some development kits have a J-Link built-in. For example, the Energy Micro EFM32GG-STK3700 kit has a built in J-Link. Another development kit that has a Segger J-Link included is the Renesas RX63N Demonstration Kit. The Segger serial number, which is necessary for connecting, can be retrieved from inspecting the USB Host driver. On Apple, go to "about this Mac" and select "more information". My EFM32GG-STK3700 kit shows up like this and has a JLink serial number "440005949" :
Segger JLink in EFM32 kit

On Linux, using "lsusb" produces a similar result.
When using J-Link, you must obtain and install the J-Link drivers from Segger separately.

Update 29-04-2016

Recently, Segger released support for modifiying the STLink V2 debugger (the debugger found on all STM32 development kits) to a J-Link debugger! This is great news, since now STM32 kits can be used (through J-Link) on Mac and Linux hosts with direct usage of the STLink interface.

The GNU GCC Toolchain for ARM Cortex-M

JLinkProgrammer needs an object copy tool in order to convert .elf files into .bin files. It works with GCC's objcopy tool to perform this operation. Therefore, it is recommended (though not required to run JLinkProgrammer) to install a GCC based toolchain.
The best GCC-based toolchain for ARM Cortex is ARM's own GCC version, which can be downloaded without cost at GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors. Contrary to other toolchains such as Yagarto, Codesourcery or others, this toolchain WILL actually compile C/C++ floating point operations into ARM Cortex-M4 Floating Point instructions! The other tools will silently resort to soft float emulation, which defeats the whole purpose of using a Cortex-M4F.
The toolchain is available for Linux,Mac OS X and Windows. It will also run without any problems on FreeBSD through the Linux emulation layer.

Renesas RX600

A good Renesas GNU toolchain can be found at KPIT GNU Tools.

Download and source code

JLinkProgrammer was tested with a J-Link EDU. Installers can be downloaded from this location.
The source code files for this project cannot be made public due to the restricted nature of using Segger's SDK product. However, should you have questions regarding the usage of the SDK and you are a licensed SDK owner, I will be more than happy to answer any questions.

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