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SDIO_DataInitTypeDef Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint32_t SDIO_DataTimeOut
uint32_t SDIO_DataLength
uint32_t SDIO_DataBlockSize
uint32_t SDIO_TransferDir
uint32_t SDIO_TransferMode
uint32_t SDIO_DPSM

Field Documentation

uint32_t SDIO_DataBlockSize
  Specifies the data block size for block transfer.

This parameter can be a value of SDIO_Data_Block_Size

uint32_t SDIO_DataLength

Specifies the number of data bytes to be transferred.

uint32_t SDIO_DataTimeOut

Specifies the data timeout period in card bus clock periods.

uint32_t SDIO_DPSM
           Specifies whether SDIO Data path state machine (DPSM)

is enabled or disabled. This parameter can be a value of SDIO_DPSM_State

uint32_t SDIO_TransferDir
    Specifies the data transfer direction, whether the transfer

is a read or write. This parameter can be a value of SDIO_Transfer_Direction

uint32_t SDIO_TransferMode
   Specifies whether data transfer is in stream or block mode.

This parameter can be a value of SDIO_Transfer_Type

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