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DAC_InitTypeDef Struct Reference

DAC Init structure definition. More...

#include <stm32f10x_dac.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t DAC_Trigger
uint32_t DAC_WaveGeneration
uint32_t DAC_LFSRUnmask_TriangleAmplitude
uint32_t DAC_OutputBuffer

Detailed Description

DAC Init structure definition.

Field Documentation

uint32_t DAC_LFSRUnmask_TriangleAmplitude
 Specifies the LFSR mask for noise wave generation or

the maximum amplitude triangle generation for the DAC channel. This parameter can be a value of DAC_lfsrunmask_triangleamplitude

uint32_t DAC_OutputBuffer
                 Specifies whether the DAC channel output buffer is enabled or disabled.

This parameter can be a value of DAC_output_buffer

uint32_t DAC_Trigger
                      Specifies the external trigger for the selected DAC channel.

This parameter can be a value of DAC_trigger_selection

uint32_t DAC_WaveGeneration
               Specifies whether DAC channel noise waves or triangle waves

are generated, or whether no wave is generated. This parameter can be a value of DAC_wave_generation

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