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usb_regs.c File Reference

Interface functions to USB cell registers. More...

#include "usb_lib.h"


void SetCNTR (uint16_t wRegValue)
uint16_t GetCNTR (void)
void SetISTR (uint16_t wRegValue)
uint16_t GetISTR (void)
uint16_t GetFNR (void)
void SetDADDR (uint16_t wRegValue)
uint16_t GetDADDR (void)
void SetBTABLE (uint16_t wRegValue)
uint16_t GetBTABLE (void)
void SetENDPOINT (uint8_t bEpNum, uint16_t wRegValue)
uint16_t GetENDPOINT (uint8_t bEpNum)
void SetEPType (uint8_t bEpNum, uint16_t wType)
uint16_t GetEPType (uint8_t bEpNum)
void SetEPTxStatus (uint8_t bEpNum, uint16_t wState)
void SetEPRxStatus (uint8_t bEpNum, uint16_t wState)
void SetDouBleBuffEPStall (uint8_t bEpNum, uint8_t bDir)
uint16_t GetEPTxStatus (uint8_t bEpNum)
uint16_t GetEPRxStatus (uint8_t bEpNum)
void SetEPTxValid (uint8_t bEpNum)
void SetEPRxValid (uint8_t bEpNum)
void SetEP_KIND (uint8_t bEpNum)
void ClearEP_KIND (uint8_t bEpNum)
void Clear_Status_Out (uint8_t bEpNum)
void Set_Status_Out (uint8_t bEpNum)
void SetEPDoubleBuff (uint8_t bEpNum)
void ClearEPDoubleBuff (uint8_t bEpNum)
uint16_t GetTxStallStatus (uint8_t bEpNum)
uint16_t GetRxStallStatus (uint8_t bEpNum)
void ClearEP_CTR_RX (uint8_t bEpNum)
void ClearEP_CTR_TX (uint8_t bEpNum)
void ToggleDTOG_RX (uint8_t bEpNum)
void ToggleDTOG_TX (uint8_t bEpNum)
void ClearDTOG_RX (uint8_t bEpNum)
void ClearDTOG_TX (uint8_t bEpNum)
void SetEPAddress (uint8_t bEpNum, uint8_t bAddr)
uint8_t GetEPAddress (uint8_t bEpNum)
void SetEPTxAddr (uint8_t bEpNum, uint16_t wAddr)
void SetEPRxAddr (uint8_t bEpNum, uint16_t wAddr)
uint16_t GetEPTxAddr (uint8_t bEpNum)
uint16_t GetEPRxAddr (uint8_t bEpNum)
void SetEPTxCount (uint8_t bEpNum, uint16_t wCount)
void SetEPCountRxReg (uint32_t *pdwReg, uint16_t wCount)
void SetEPRxCount (uint8_t bEpNum, uint16_t wCount)
uint16_t GetEPTxCount (uint8_t bEpNum)
uint16_t GetEPRxCount (uint8_t bEpNum)
void SetEPDblBuffAddr (uint8_t bEpNum, uint16_t wBuf0Addr, uint16_t wBuf1Addr)
void SetEPDblBuf0Addr (uint8_t bEpNum, uint16_t wBuf0Addr)
void SetEPDblBuf1Addr (uint8_t bEpNum, uint16_t wBuf1Addr)
uint16_t GetEPDblBuf0Addr (uint8_t bEpNum)
uint16_t GetEPDblBuf1Addr (uint8_t bEpNum)
void SetEPDblBuffCount (uint8_t bEpNum, uint8_t bDir, uint16_t wCount)
void SetEPDblBuf0Count (uint8_t bEpNum, uint8_t bDir, uint16_t wCount)
void SetEPDblBuf1Count (uint8_t bEpNum, uint8_t bDir, uint16_t wCount)
uint16_t GetEPDblBuf0Count (uint8_t bEpNum)
uint16_t GetEPDblBuf1Count (uint8_t bEpNum)
EP_DBUF_DIR GetEPDblBufDir (uint8_t bEpNum)
void FreeUserBuffer (uint8_t bEpNum, uint8_t bDir)
uint16_t ToWord (uint8_t bh, uint8_t bl)
uint16_t ByteSwap (uint16_t wSwW)

Detailed Description

Interface functions to USB cell registers.

MCD Application Team

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