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_DEVICE_PROP Struct Reference

Data Fields

void(* Init )(void)
void(* Reset )(void)
void(* Process_Status_IN )(void)
void(* Process_Status_OUT )(void)
RESULT(* Class_Data_Setup )(uint8_t RequestNo)
RESULT(* Class_NoData_Setup )(uint8_t RequestNo)
RESULT(* Class_Get_Interface_Setting )(uint8_t Interface, uint8_t AlternateSetting)
uint8_t *(* GetDeviceDescriptor )(uint16_t Length)
uint8_t *(* GetConfigDescriptor )(uint16_t Length)
uint8_t *(* GetStringDescriptor )(uint16_t Length)
void * RxEP_buffer
uint8_t MaxPacketSize

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